Joe Biden for President

Gretchen Whitmer for Vice-President

Wake Up America

America, we have come so far. But there is so much more to do for an America where we all fit.

Progress for all without distintion.

Your voice matters

From Nevada and Arizona to Georgia, then on to Wisconsin, through North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Michigan, and on across the country.

Let no one be left out of our American dream.

Freedom to Choose, Right to Decide

Every individual has the fundamental right to make their own decisions about their reproductive health and family planning. We stand for freedom, choice.

Protecting Our Nation, Reforming Immigration

Securing our border and fixing our broken immigration system. Expanding efforts to dismantle human smuggling networks and prosecuting individuals who violate immigration laws.

Progressive Policies, Prosperous Future

We will continue to strengthen our economy by taxing billionaires and big corporations, supporting small businesses, and creating sustainable jobs for a brighter future. Together, we can build a thriving economy that works for everyone..

Democracy Wins, Extremism Loses

Strengthening our democracy and protecting our freedoms, standing up to the extremists who undermine our Constitution to increase their own power

Common Sense for Common Safety

Responsible gun ownership is a right, and so is personal safety. We advocate for common-sense gun control measures to protect our communities and respect our rights.

A Healthy Nation is a Wealthy Nation

Healthcare is a human right, not a privilege. We stand for a universal health system that ensures every citizen has access to the care they need, regardless of their situation or age.

Your Contribution, Our Commitment

Support the Campaign.

Every donation you make empowers us to continue the race for the presidency. Your support fuels our commitment to creating a more just, inclusive, and progressive future for all.

This is the richest and most powerful country which ever occupied the globe. The might of past empires is little compared to ours. But I do not want to be the President who built empires, or sought grandeur, or extended dominion.

I want to be the President who educated young children to the wonders of their world.

I want to be the President who helped to feed the hungry and to prepare them to be taxpayers instead of taxeaters.

I want to be the President who helped the poor to find their own way and who protected the right of every citizen to vote in every election.

I want to be the President who helped to end hatred among his fellow men and who promoted love among the people of all races and all regions and all parties.

I want to be the President who helped to end war among the brothers of this earth.

 Lyndon B. Johnson


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